Why Get An Oil Change

Why Get An Oil Change

Why Get An Oil Change

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While we know that many of the people who are using our service department here at Pinckney CDJR understand why oil changes are so vital to the life of your vehicle, it’s always nice for a refresher. Oil changes are a quick, cheap, and easy way to make sure that your vehicle can stay on the road for years to come. Not only do we offer Express Lane oil changes at our service center, but we also have certified technicians who are in charge of making sure that everything is done by the book. But, again, what makes oil changes so important? Down below we are going to be going over a few reasons as to why you shouldn’t be skipping a single oil change, and you should always be going to a service center that you trust.

Better engine performance:

One of the top reasons to get oil changes is that they make sure that your engine is performing like it should. When the oil in the engine starts to break down, thanks to the exposure to heat, the components start to lose viscosity and lubrication. Oil that is dirty does not flow easily, and this sludge-like concoction does not draw out heat that is normally keeping your engine cool. This leads to your horsepower going down, which in turn, makes sure that the engine itself has lost some of its power and performance. You might even start to notice a difference in other parts of your vehicle.

Improve fuel mileage:

Gas mileage is affected by many different elements of your vehicle. One of the biggest is vehicle maintenance, especially when it comes to your engine. Whenever there is debris inside of the engine and the components, this results in friction, which forces your engine to work harder than it should. An engine that is working harder ends up eating up more gasoline, causing you to spend more at the gas station than you might have to otherwise. Remember, clean oil saves you money.

Engine longevity:

If your engine is well-maintained and taken care of, it will absolutely last much longer than it would otherwise. The more regular your oil changes and maintenance, the more you can expect your engine and all of its components to keep functioning like they should. However, if you do start skipping oil changes and not bothering with maintenance, the lifespan will decrease significantly, causing you to either have to get major repairs done, or buy a new vehicle completely.

Keep the engine clean:

This has already been alluded to multiple times now, but getting regular oil changes keeps your engine clean. Freshening up the oil makes sure that no sludge forms, and that everything stays lubricated and clean, including the filters. The biggest thing here is to keep friction and heat low in the engine, and with clean oil, that is much more easily accomplished.

Oil Changes at Pinckney CDJR

Whether you want to use our Express Lane or schedule an appointment for a specific time, we can get oil changes done quickly at our service center. You can even use our free Wi-Fi to make the time fly by even faster than it might otherwise! Here at Pinckney CDJR, your happiness and your vehicle’s longevity are incredibly important to us. We hope to see you soon.