Jeep Tire Services in Michigan

Jeep Tire Services in Michigan

Jeep Tire Services in Michigan

Take care of your tires at Pinckney CDJR

The tires on your Jeep are the only thing that connects you to the road. To keep you safe on your travels, your tires must maintain traction in all weather conditions. Maintaining traction means that your tires must have sufficient tread depth, and to ensure they have adequate tread depth, your tires should be well taken care of. Here at Pinckney Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, your safety is important to us, which is why we’d like to offer you tips on how to keep your tires in good condition to keep you safe all year round.

Tire rotation and balance

First and foremost, the most surefire way to protect your tires is to get regular tire rotations. Because of your Jeep’s engine and transmission location, the front tires will wear faster than the rears, as most of the vehicle’s weight falls on the front axle. By rotating your tires front to back, you will extend their life and keep the tread wear even as long as you own them. The balance of your tires can also affect the tread wear and, in some cases, cause a vibrate felt throughout the cabin. Our service experts recommend rotating and balancing your tires every 5,000 miles. This can be easily remembered by rotating your tires during every oil change.

Wheel alignment

The outer edges of your tires may be a smaller area compared to the inside tread, but they play an essential role. When looking at the outer edges of your tires, you’ll notice small channels leading from the center tread to the outside wall of the tire. These channels are designed to push water, dirt, and snow away from the tire’s road surface so the tire can maintain a grip on the road. Three specifications are checked during an alignment; caster, camber, and toe. Caster is the steering axis’s angle, which Jeep has an exact degree for to ensure the wheels are pointed straight. Camber is the verticle angle of your tires. Negative camber will show the top of the wheel slightly leaning in while the bottom pushes out. Positive camber has the opposite effect. Lastly, the toe is the horizontal angle. Having toe in or toe out can cause your tires to “drag” down the road, decreasing gas mileage and causing premature uneven tire wear.

Tire pressure

Your tire’s air pressure can have a direct effect on its tread life. Underinflated tires make for a larger surface area that touches the road, causing uneven and premature tire wear. Meanwhile, overinflated tires will cause the tire’s tread to expand, leading to premature wear and uneven wear, and in extreme cases, it can cause the tire to crack. If you don’t know how much pressure your tires require, you can find the exact PSI on a placard on the inside of the driver’s door jamb. While new vehicles include a tire pressure monitoring system, it’s recommended that your tire pressure be checked once each month. You can do this yourself or have a service expert take care of it here at Pinckney CDJR.

Let Pinckney CDJR take care of your tires

We value your safety here at Pinckney Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, and our service technicians have years of experience servicing all Jeep models. If you’re not sure of the last time your tires were serviced, come on down, and we will take a good look at your tires and let you know of any recommended services. If your tires need replacing, our service center has a wide variety of tires from today’s top brands like Michelin and Goodyear. Book your next service appointment right here on our website or by calling our service center directly. We look forward to serving you!