Jeep Battery Service Pinckney MI

Jeep Battery Service Pinckney, MI

Jeep Battery Service Pinckney, MI

If you’ve owned a car, you’ve most likely had to replace the battery. Unfortunately, like any other part of a vehicle, car batteries become overworked and begin not to function correctly. However, there are a few ways your car may tell you if it needs a new battery. When this happens, the service experts here at Pinckney Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram will be happy to help get a new battery in your car and get you back on the road. Continue reading below to learn more about your car’s battery and how to tell when you should replace it.

How does a car battery work?

A car battery is an instrument that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Inside a car’s battery are several cells, pockets that store the chemical energy and change it to electric power. Non-hybrid cars use what technicians refer to as an SLI battery, which stands for starting, lighting, and ignition. An SLI battery provides short bursts of electricity to crank the engine. If your engine isn’t running and your car is in accessory mode, the battery is powering the radio, lights, and air conditioning. Once the battery turns the engine over, the rotating alternator supplies the electrical power for the engine.

When is it time to replace a car battery?

In most cases, drivers should get 4-5 years out of a battery. When the battery is nearing the end of its life, it will let you know in a few ways to avoid you getting stranded far from home. One way you can tell if your battery is on its way out is if the battery or check engine lights are illuminated on your dashboard. If these lights come on or are flashing, it could mean your engine isn’t charging the battery as it should, which can mean either a faulty battery or a faulty alternator. A non-visual symptom is a slower cranking time. The longer it takes your battery to get the engine running, the lower its power is. Lastly, corrosion can appear near the battery terminals, meaning acid from the battery’s cells is leaking. If you notice this, you should bring it to a service center for replacement.

Is it safe to drive with a battery light on?

If you see the battery warning light on your dashboard is turned on, it most often means that the alternator isn’t working correctly and the engine is being powered solely by the battery. Since the engine runs off of electric power supplied by the alternator, the battery will run out of power much faster. The car can’t run like this for very long and could leave you stranded. Therefore, if the battery light illuminates on your Jeep’s dashboard, we highly recommend that you find a place to pull over safely and find help. Due to the headlights drawing a majority of the battery’s power, this is even more important when you are driving at night.

Take care of your Jeep’s battery at Pinckney CDJR

Here at Pinckney Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, our highly trained technicians have the knowledge, tools, and skills to diagnose any problem your Jeep’s battery may have and repair it in a timely manner. If you notice one of the warning signs above, don’t hesitate to reach out to our service department by phone to schedule an appointment. If you prefer, you can schedule your next service appointment right here on our website.