Hack to Get Ice off Your Vehicle

When it comes to cars being parked outdoors and ice, it can become a headache, especially if in a hurry. While starting the car to warm it up is helpful along with the defroster, it may not be fast enough to melt inches of ice of your car after an ice storm, etc.


I came across an awesome homemade option that could do the trick! It’s a two-ingredient, homemade car de-icer spray that removes ice in seconds thanks to mom4real.com! It will also melt snow and ice from the car door locks too! It’s never fun when the car doors become stuck and it’s not safe to try to open them as you could break the locks or even the car door depending on how old the vehicle is.


Here is what you need to make this de-icer:


*1 cup of water


*1 cup of Isopropyl Alcohol


*Spray bottle


And that’s it!


Just add 1 cup of water to a clean water bottle. Add 1 cup of the isopropyl alcohol to the water then shake well before spraying onto the ice on your vehicle.


Spray all the iced areas very well and just like that, the ice begins to melt away! Turn on your windshield wipers to help move away from the ice.


If you have an auto-starter vehicle, be sure to go ahead and warm up the car before you head out. This may help the process even faster.


It’s really that easy!